The COG Branding Group

We’re a branding & marketing business, offering services via four business units.
COG Print, COG Design, COG Digital & COG Strategy.

We’re about Project Success for all our clients.

Think of COG as an integral element to your businesses engine – you set it spinning and it delivers solutions to your brand. The COG Branding Group launched as a design agency in 2008, today we service a international client base with all branding disciplines via the 4 business units.

  • COG-Branding-cog-Print

    Online Print Shop, High Quality Digital & Offset Printing.

    We pursue the highest in quality & production control via carefully planning & years of experience in print media. Our processes achieve commercial success for all our clients as we meet deadlines, budgets & expectations.

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  • COG-branding-design_1

    Graphics & Branding, Print, Corporate, Packaging, Illustration, Advertising, Signage.

    COG Design delivers artistic graphic design & innovative marketing communications to businesses requiring commercial quality & the most dynamic in creativity & ideation.

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  • COG-Branding-cog-Digital

    Websites, Social Media, SEO, eCommerce, Mobile, Marketing, Content Production.

    The COG Digital approach is focused on expert processes, rigorous planning and strategic execution. A premium digital service using the latest in web technology, digital apps.

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  • COG-Branding-cog-Strategy

    Campaign, Brand, Digital, Social, eCommerce, Business, Ideation, Research.

    All our brand strategy and business strategy services are bespoke, skillfully developed to produce accurate, innovative & dynamic solutions for all businesses & markets.

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